What book do you love?

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I have enjoyed discussing books that people love with students in our library today.  What book or writer do you love?  Why?  Give us your favorites and recommendations!

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7 thoughts on “What book do you love?

  1. mpoletti07

    I like the old man and the sea

  2. Hi there! What was appealing about this novel for you?

  3. Me

    My favorite book series of all time is The Belgariad, written by David Eddings. It’s 13 books long and about a boy who finds out he is part of a prophecy and has to ultimately battle an evil god. In his journey, he discovers that he and his aunt are not just poor farm hands, but something completely different. It sounds kind of wierd from my description, but it’s so good that I’ve read the whole series four times now!

  4. Marie Wallace

    I really like the “in death” series by Nora Roberts who writes as J. D Robb.The way she writes and describes things make you actually feel like you are in the book and living in the year 2059. it is awesome!

  5. Hi Marie! I agree–Nora Roberts rocks! Her way of writing so vividly brings her books to life. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. Trianna

    You know how they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover? It’s a pretty over-used cliche, but I found a great example as to why you shouldn’t. Andromeda Strain by Michael Chrichton has an awfully boring cover, but when I read it, I was amazed. I think we all tend to do that sometimes. If the cover isn’t cool-looking then we don’t want to read it. Personally, I think all of his novels are amazing, especially Timeline!!!

  7. City Sense and City Planning, by Kenenth Lynch. It is a nerdy architecture/urban planning book…but hey, I am just the nerd that loves that sort of thing! – Salas

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