Who reads books anymore?

Yesterday, CNN posted a story about a protest held in front of the offices of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  The AJC eliminated the position of book editor at the end of April, and many figures in the world of book published believe this change in staffing signals a weaker commitment to coverage of the book world from the AJC.    Those who participated in the “read in” read passages from favorite books as well as favorite poems to show their support for reading and the importance of books in today’s society.   Thousands are also signing an online petition for the AJC to restore the position of book editor as a way of supporting the significance of books in today’s society.  In an interview with Publisher’s Weekly, author George Saunders said, “Somehow we’ve taken to distrusting literature and, for that matter, all things cerebral or difficult or seriously critical.”

For more on the reading protest, you can check out these articles:

What do you think?  Do you read books?  Do you believe books are still important in today’s society?  Do you think the AJC‘s decision is right?  Do you believe that our society is placing less value on intellectual thought and more emphasis on “trivial” activities?

If you are a student or teacher here at Creekview, would you be interested in having a “read in” during lunch before the end of school to show your support for books and a love of reading?  Would you be interested in reading aloud a passage from your favorite book or poem?

Give us a shout out and share your thoughts on this topic!

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One thought on “Who reads books anymore?

  1. Salas

    Mrs. Hamilton – I think that is a terrific idea! I would love to participate in a read-in. Although I do not read as much as I would like to, or as much as I once did, I do value holding a new book in my hands. Listening to the sound the book makes as I turn a new page and smelling the freshness of the new pages is exciting. Likewise, books that I have read too many times to count, have such a glory as well. These books open themselves to the pages most read, I see the smudge on the text from where I pointed and praised a paragraph! I can remember the Klondike bar that touched the corner of a particular page. Books carry a message and a story, but books also have memories about them. It would be sad, to me, to see a society without knowledge about the importance of books.

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