Robinson’s 9th Grade Research Paper Reflections!

For the last five weeks, we have been working with Ms. Robinson’s 9th grade English classes on their first major research project.  Now it is time to reflect! 

1.  What was most challenging about this research project/process?
2.  What do you think you did well?
3.  What would you try to do better if you had more time?
4.  How did the library help you with the research process?  What do you think you learned about researching from the media center this spring?
5.  Which resource was most helpful in your research?  Was there a particular database or book that you found to be most informative?

Please share your thoughts in a well composed paragraph.  Remember to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation!  Remember to put your first name and last initial only when you post.   All comments will be moderated before they appear on the blog.  Thank you!

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12 thoughts on “Robinson’s 9th Grade Research Paper Reflections!

  1. Christopher W

    The most challenging thing was making it two pages long. The research of the paper i think I did good on. If I had more time I would try to make it longer. They helped me with most of my recarch.

  2. Cassandra N.

    I have learned a lot while I was doing the research project for Ms.Robinson. The most challenging task was having to cite all the sources we used. I believe I did well with keeping up when the assignments were due. If I had more time, I would fix some of my sentences to make them better. I greatly appreciate the help of the library. They have helped me understand what I was doing for the future. I have learned many research skills, how to use noodletools, and of course what i have researched about. Thanks!

  3. London G

    This research project was fun for me. The most challenging thing for me was probably getting enough research. I think that I did well for only having little information. If i had more time do work on my project Iwould work harder and work more on it. I really enjoyed going to the library to find research. Theyhelped me quite a bit and I learned more things on how to write a paper. Thank-you.

  4. Jessi C.

    I think that the most challenging thing about the reasearch paper was getting the information and figuring out my topic. I think that I did well with keeping up with the assingments and when they were due. If I had more time I would see if I could have made my paper better. The library help me by giving me all of the information that I needed; you can use a website to see if your paper has been plagiarized .

  5. Hello London!

    Thanks for your feedback! Which resource did you get the best information from?

    Mrs. Hamilton 🙂

  6. Hi Jessi!

    I am glad we were able to help you find all the information you needed. Was there a database or book you liked best for research?

    Mrs. Hamilton 🙂

  7. Chris S.

    i think the most challenging part of thee research paper was finding a topic and finding information. I think I did well in relating the topic to me. If I had more time I would put more detail into my paper. The media center let me get all my research and information. The most helpful resource was Gale Virtual Library.

  8. Nick

    I was really impressed with the extensive information that the databases had to give. At first, I struggled with putting what I was doing into perspective regarding the project. For example: I knew how to do the note cards, but I didn’t understand why. I suspect I was just over-thinking it…I think. I would say that I did pretty well at brainstorming about myself and how I was like my topic. If I could do something over again, I would defiantly rework my sources and citation. I feel that the nature in which I approached this was not up to par. However, I think that I did a good job at brainstorming about myself. In addition to learning about myself, I learned a lot about how to use the databases and virtual libraries that the school has provided for us. We are really very fortunate to have these at our disposal. Thank you for supplying us with such seemingly limitless help, CHS Media Center!

  9. Kuwanda P

    The hardest part of the paper to me was finding my topic, then getting information on it. I think that I did well, but it could have been better. I would think the paper more out. I learned a lot. Especially about the new sites I can use for farther research. The research from the media center was more reliable than any of the other research sites I’ve used.I learned so much just from a website, thanks.

  10. Hi Nick!

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am glad that the big picture came together for you with the different parts of the research paper. 🙂 When you do this next year, please let me know if you want additional help doing your citations with NoodleTools. I am also glad that we had the information you needed and that you found the databases helpful! My goal is for us to have a library that DOES have the information you need to do your research projects.

    Thank you for being so great to work with! I look forward to next year!

    Mrs. Hamilton 🙂

  11. Hi Kuwanda!

    I agree–picking a topic is usually the most difficult task for me, too. What could the media center do in the future to help you “think out” the paper a little more? I am glad you enjoyed our research databases…we will work hard to keep giving you access to that quality information.

    Thank you for your input! 🙂
    Mrs. Hamilton
    The Unquiet Librarian

  12. Eric H

    The Hardest part for me was the researching part because it was hard to find stuff on my topic in the databases. I think i did well siting my sources. If i had more time i would try to research better, or write my final draft better. The media center helped me to reaserch and find different databases to use other than google. Grolier online.

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