Does technology improve your life?

The question, “Does technology improve our lives?” is one that Americans have been debating for well over a hundred Wiredyears.  The American writer Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden, “We do not ride upon the railroad; it rides upon us.”  In other words, Thoreau felt that instead of enhancing the quality of life, technology actually controlled people’s lives and created a living environment that became more complicated instead of simplified.

In a story posted today at Fox News, a new survey claims that only half of all Americans embrace Internet and cell phone technologies.  The Pew Internet and Life Project report that:

  • 31% of Americans are “elite” technology users
  • 20% are “moderate” technology users
  • 49% have little or no use for technology

What do you think of these numbers?  Are these statistics surprising to you at all?   You can read the report and see the survey at .  You can also take a survey and see what kind of technology user you are at

What do you think?  Does technology improve your life, or does it cause your life to be busier and more complicated?  Let us know what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Does technology improve your life?

  1. Actually, this does not surprise me. I think the results fall on the lines of our being digital immigrants versus natives. When we take a look at the student population, they are the OMNIVORES!! We teach omnivores. Eat or be eaten!
    (ALthough I will say, we have to take care not to just be “doing” technology to say we are doing it, but to take advantage of the useful, creative outlet that it can be for the students?

  2. I’m an omnivore! Technology does cause my life to be busier, but that is my choice. Technology has allowed me to become much more efficient in my learning and communicating with others. With RSS feeds I am able to keep up with much more information than I ever could through traditional media outlets.

  3. My survey reveals I am a “connector”. I depend on my computer and the world wide web, but I rely very little on my cell phone. I can’t imagine teaching or being a librarian without all the great technology tools we have available. The only technology tool that sometimes drags me down is email—it is a love/hate relationship. I rely on it heavily, but some days I can spend hours answering and composing emails for professional reasons. I feel that my tech skills and access to the WWW have changed me in many positive ways and helped me better communicate with the world around me. 🙂

    Buffy Hamilton,
    The Unquiet Librarian

  4. Salas

    Yippiee! I am part of the 8% of Americans…an Omnivore! Technology is a wonderful part of my daily life. Although a cell phone is never attached to my hip (I typically lose it at the bottom of a bag, in my car, or in a couch cushion) I live by computers, the “Internets” (as Mr. Gore spoke it), and other tech-savie things.

  5. Shelley Gravitt

    I’m a connector!
    I teach technology everyday, but I don’t rely heavily on the Internet or my cell phone. I actually find the cell phone rather annoying at times.
    On occasion, you just don’t want to be found! 🙂
    Overall though, I love e-mail and ability to stay in touch with people at all times during the day. Technology has definitey improved my life.

  6. Ms. Martin

    I think my students have made me more of a techno geek than I thought. The internet has me interconnected to my home, school, and family as well as keeping me current on new trends and issues in Science. I surveyed in as a “Connector” because I would rather use the computer to find information than to get it from the news off the television. I think that the “omnivores” that I teach have taught me a lot when they come into my class and say…”Can I use your computer to show you something?” I try never to let them down…as long as it is relevant. 🙂

  7. I think technology is mind boggling with new inventions that we never even thought of coming out next week. still, sometimes when i watch utube or download misc files i wonder why it was so much better (and sometimes easier) to listen to music on my greatgrandparents victrola…

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