Mr. Cline’s Students: Which resource was most helpful for elements research?

Yesterday and today we researched various elements using these resources:

  • The GALE Virtual Reference Library
  • Grolier Online
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Student Research Center Gold
  • Print books on elements
  • Our favorite websites on elements

Which two resources in the pathfinder did you find most valuable?  How did these resources help you find the information you needed to gather your information for Mr. Cline?  Please share your thoughts on these questions here on our blog!  Thank you for your feedback!

Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Fleet  🙂

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9 thoughts on “Mr. Cline’s Students: Which resource was most helpful for elements research?

  1. Cindy Thomas

    i like Gale the best

  2. corey Mcguckin


  3. Joe

    Grolier online

  4. Ct

    i liked Gale virtual because it gives alot of good info

  5. Jes

    I found that GALE and Groiler were most helpful for me personally. They were easy to use and links were located conveniently.

  6. nick

    i thinck that grolier was the best databases to use

  7. Kellie

    I thought that Gale was very helpful and grolier online gave alot of useful information for my project. Thank you very much for poviding such usful information that made my project less difficult!

  8. Jessica H.

    I think that Grolier was the best one, but all was really helpful to me. All of them was very useful, to me and not only me but all of us. Thank you for giving us some useful websites!
    Jessica Helton

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