R.T. Jones Memorial Library Seeks Funds for Expansion

The Cherokee Tribune reported this week that the R.T. Jones Memorial Library in Canton (at the intersection of Hwy. 20 and I-575) is pursuing funds for expansion of the current facilities.  Library officials are hoping to receive a $1.4 million grant from the Georgia Public Library Service; the library system would then be required to provide an additional $352,000, money that would come from locally collected impact fees.

Nick Fogarty, executive director of the Sequoyah Regional Library System, identified four areas of upgrades:

  • an upgraded computer lab area
  • expansion of the young adult/teen center
  • expanding the physical facility to accommodate more stacks (shelved materials)
  • an expansion to accommodate a larger children’s storytime area

Fogarty stated that the library served 159,000 people during fiscal year 2007 and that the library needs to expand to accommodate current use as well as anticipated future use.  The new Canton Marketplace shopping center, which is less than a half mile from the library, is expected to generate additional housing growth as well as foot traffic that will impact library usage.

What do you think of the expansion proposal?  Do agree with these areas of need, or do you have additional suggestions?  Would you use the R.T. Memorial Jones Library if these expansion plans become a reality? 

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