CRHS Drama Wows Judges at Region Competition!


From Mr. Steve Jones, Drama Director!


Our SCAPINO cast did an outstanding job this past Saturday at Region Competition at Buford HS. You would be proud of the manner in which they represented our school. The students received many wonderful comments from both the judges and the audience.  Great Atlanta Christian won the event with a beautiful production of Anatomy of Gray. Walker School placed second with The Yellow Boat. 


Our own Chloe O. and Cory H. were named to the All Region Cast – a great honor and well deserved!

Thanks also to Ralph Zaffino –who is a great rental-truck wrangler. If you see any of these students, please congratulate them on their work!

  • Alisha W.
  • Giovanni L.
  • Jill F.
  • Olivia S.
  • Michael P.
  • Cole E.
  • Matthew F.
  • Cory H.
  • Levi R.
  • Olivia W.
  • Brent L-Z.
  • Josh W.
  • Tyler M.
  • Brecken H.
  • Suzanne S.
  • Chloe O.
  • Clint J.
  • Jacob L.
  • Luke M.
  • Troy L-Z.
  • Kayse B.
  • Cody G.
  • Rhiannon L.
  • Genay M.
  • Rebecca M.
  • Cole S.
  • Jill T.
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