Happy Thanksgiving from The Unquiet Library


The Unquiet Library would like to wish all of its patrons and friends a joyful and bountiful Thanksgiving holiday! Below is our top ten list of things that we are thankful for at The Unquiet Library!

1. Blogging and blogs 🙂
2. Wonderful books that you just can’t put down
3. Research databases
4. Our wonderful patrons who visit our library each week
5. GALILEO, Georgia’s Virtual Library
6. “Old” and “new” Web 2.0 technologies
7.  Our wonderful network of colleagues within our district and across the state of Georgia
8.  All of the wonderful technology that keeps our library humming
9.  Our new Destiny circulation software
10.  Our wonderful collection of print and digital materials

On a personal note, I would like to say I am especially thankful to have Mrs. Fleet and Mrs. Beasley on our staff this year—their service, knowledge, and wisdom are invaluable!  I am thankful that our students and I have the privilege of working with these two fabulous women every day!  Finally, I am thankful to be a librarian—how lucky am I to do what I love every day?!?!  It is truly an exciting time to be in our profession.

To learn more about the history of Thanksgiving, check out these great resources!

What services are you thankful for from The Unquiet Library? Share your thoughts here!

Mrs. Hamilton 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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