Will “Kindle” Spark More Interest in Reading?


From our new issue of  Newsweek that just arrived in our library (Nov 26th)  The Future of Reading

“Though the Kindle is at heart a reading machine made by a bookseller—and works most impressively when you are buying a book or reading it—it is also something more: a perpetually connected Internet device. A few twitches of the fingers and that zoned-in connection between your mind and an author’s machinations can be interrupted—or enhanced—by an avalanche of data. Therein lies the disruptive nature of the Amazon Kindle. It’s the first “always-on” book.”

Hmmm… like iTunes and iPods, it will be interesting to watch where this development goes!  What do you think?   Would you use this new tool regularly?  Read more about Kindle at http://www.newsweek.com/id/70983/page/1.  You can also view a 2 minute video demonstrating how Kindle works by clicking here!

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