What is your favorite book or best read of 2007?


In the spirit of Phil Kloer’s AJC Book Blog, we are asking our readers to answer this question:  what was the one book you read in 2007 that you would recommend to others?  Tell us about the one book that left a lasting impression on you and why (it does not have to have a 2007 publication date).

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3 thoughts on “What is your favorite book or best read of 2007?

  1. cuddlynn

    Definetly ‘The Rescue’ by Nicholas Sparks, because it was such a believable story. It wasn’t farfetched at all, it was a wonderful story that was perfectly written and left me thinking about the characters for quite some time afterward.

  2. Emilie K.

    By far the best book i read in 2007 was “A Year of Secret Assignments” by Jaclyn Moriarty

    This book is written through the letters, diaries, and e-mails of its characters, which makes for interesting
    reading. The three girls are students at Ashbury, a private school. The three boys are students at Brookfield, the public school across town that is Ashbury’s rival. The schools are both located in a town in Australia. As an assignment for their English classes, they are given a pen-friend from the other school that they are required to correspond with over the course of the year for part of their grade. The letters are completely confidential, so strange relationships begin to form between the three couples, leading to some very interesting turns of events. Cassie’s father had died the previous year, and she is still very fragile. When her pen-friend does something that completely devastates her fragile sense of self, the other characters in the story attempt to punish him, through a series of series of spy missions and failed plans for revenge.

    There are several problematic issues that are addressed in this book, including drug use, underage
    consumption of alcohol, suicide, skipping school, and revenge. There is also some talk of sex, as well as use of foul language. The discussions about the death of a parent also might upset some readers. Although it does hint on some of these subjects, I would most definately recommend this book to all high school girls.

  3. Emilie K.

    “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller

    Abagail Williams and some of her friends were dancing in the woods one night when Reverend Parris saw them and suspected them of witchcraft. Word got around town about the “witchcraft” incident and people started blaming others so they wouldn’t catch the blame themselves. Trials were held and many innocent people died because of other’s false accusations.

    Full of lies and false accusations, this story angered me, but enchanted me to continue reading besides my annoyance. I would highly recommend reading this short play because it shines a light on what really happened during the Salem Witch Trials.

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