Planning for 2nd Semester: Coping With A Busy Media Center During Lunch

As we get ready to begin the 2nd semester in January, we want all of our patrons to be aware that the second semester is typically busier in the library with scheduled classes as many teachers are focusing on research projects during the second half of the academic year. 

As our scheduled classes increase, this means there will be fewer computers available for lunch students.  It also means that while we love our “unquiet” atmosphere, we will need for students to be more aware of their voice levels so that scheduled classes on the main floor can work in a tranquil atmosphere conducive to learning.

Since scheduled classes will have priority on the computers and library resources (including seating), students who wish to use the library at lunch will need to:

1.  Arrive early in the media center—do not wait until the second  half.
2.  Be sure to get a lunch pass early in the day—if you wait until the first 5 minutes of lunch, you will probably not get a pass.

Effective January 8, lunch passes will be numbered,  and a limited number of passes will be issued for each lunch period (the number will depend on how many students are in each class scheduled at each lunch).   Once we get a certain number of individuals in the library, we will not be able to admit additional students—this includes those with semester passes.  We will try to accommodate everyone we can within reason.  Please note, though, that space will be very limited on days when we have two scheduled classes.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we try to balance the needs of our scheduled classes for instruction and help with the needs of our lunch students.  Please stay tuned to the blog as we will post our schedule each week so you can see which days are “super busy.

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