U.S. News and World Report Announces Best Careers for 2008

U.S. News and World Report announced its “best careers” for 2008  this past week.  What makes this list unusual is that they have added several blue-collar careers because U.S. companies are increasingly outsourcing professional jobs overseas.   The report has traditionally included only careers requiring college degrees since the majority of the magazine readers are college graduates, but the magazine explains why everyone, whether you are a college grad or just a high school student thinking about a career, should take note of this new change:

Why? More and more students are graduating from college at the same time that employers are offshoring more professional jobs. So, many holders of a bachelor’s degree are having trouble finding jobs that require college-graduate skills. Meanwhile, society has been telling high school students that college is the way, so there’s an accelerating shortage of skilled people in jobs that don’t require college. (Why else do you think you have to pay $100 an hour for a plumber?)

The four noncollege careers we added would be rewarding even to many college graduates, especially because college grads are likely to stand out against the competition. Those added careers are: biomedical equipment technician, firefighter, hairstylist/cosmetologist, and locksmith/security system technician. Other skilled blue-collar careers that scored well on our selection criteria: machinist (manufacturers report a shortage), nuclear plant technician (few people are entering the field, yet plans are on the books for building more plants), and electrician/electronics tech (above-average pay, and it’s easier on the body than many other blue-collar careers). The takeaway: Many college graduates should consider skilled-trade careers.

When you visit the 31 Careers with a Bright Future for 2008, you will get a summary of the career and then an explanation of the typical day in the life of that kind of career.  You can also read about “ahead of the curve careers” as well as the most “overrated” careers.  If you are considering one of the “overrated” careers, the magazine offers alternatives that might be more gratifying.  This article is must reading for patrons of all ages!!!  Surf over and read the article in full today!

After the viewing this list, we invite our patrons to browse any one of our 150+ nonfiction books on careers in addition to our district subscription to GCIS and Career Cruising.  We also offer career encyclopedias in print as well as in our GALE Virtual Reference Library!

Finally, this comes as no surprise to Mrs. Hamilton or Mrs. Fleet, but librarian is on the list of 31 best careers! 

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