The Unquiet Library Resolves To…

….keep these resolutions to you, our patrons, in 2008:

 1.  Continue to integrate Web 2.0 technologies into our library program and research pathfinders as resources for learning, improving information literacy, and personal productivity. 

2.  Offer more “learning opportunities” outside of a regular classroom visit for our student patrons to help you delve more into our web-based resources as well as Web 2.0 technologies.  We’ll also show you tools like wikis, Voice Thread, blogs, podcasts, and other cool tools for showcasing your learning.  If you don’t this already, take note:  PowerPoint is SO yesterday!

3.  Offer more “learning opportunities” for our faculty patrons to help you feel more comfortable with our great resources and to help you integrate technology effectively into your instruction.

4.  Integrate tutorials into our website to provide “just for me” learning opportunities—you can access these 24/7.

5.  Focus on integrating digital booktalks into our website via podcasts, vodcasts, and other cool Web 2.0 tools.  These booktalks will be created by your library staff as well as student and faculty patrons. 

6.  Continue to include and celebrate your creative talents in art and music as an integral part of our library. 

7.  Continue our efforts to cultivate information literacy and information fluency in all our patrons so that you are able to deal with the information challenges of the 21st century.

8.   Continue and expand our efforts to provide our patrons the resources and services that you need.  The library is about YOU.

9.  Keep pushing for a culture of inquiry in our school and help you overcome your addiction to “fast food” information.  🙂

10.  Tap into traditional and cutting edge information sources and productivity tools to provide you an exceptional library experience each and every time. 

11.  Help you to have as much fun as we, your library staff, do when you come to visit us, whether you are working on a challenging assignment, visiting to just read and relax, or to enjoy the cool art and music.

We are looking forward to an awesome 2008 in The Unquiet Library!

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2 thoughts on “The Unquiet Library Resolves To…

  1. Thanks for the great list for 2008. Perhaps our resources can help you make your resolutions reality?

    Drop by our newly redesigned website: for a huge archive of learning games, essays, and training modules dedicated to teaching Information Fluency.

    Happy New Year!

    Dennis O’Connor
    21st Century Information Fluency Project

  2. Thanks Dennis! I have the site tagged, and I will definitely check out the new features as well as the goodies in the archives!

    🙂 Buffy Hamilton,
    Media Specialist

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