Simon Pulse Blogfest Is Underway! Get Bloggin’!


Just a reminder—the Simon Pulse Blogfest has kicked off!  Here is a short synopsis about this landmark event that arrived in my “inbox” yesterday from the organizers of this great blogfest!

It’s here! Our first annual Simon Pulse Blogfest launches today, giving you the chance to watch more than 100 of your favorite teen authors come together on a single jam-packed blog for 2 weeks, answering fan questions. We previously solicited questions from teens and chose 14 great ones, with the authors addressing one question every day!You can come on the blog and post your own responses to any entries as well. Please note – your own responses won’t show up immediately, as for safety purposes we are moderating the blog. But any posts that don’t contain inappropriate language or personal information WILL go up! Not all authors will be able to respond to your posts – many authors are touring and on the road, and aren’t able to check back to see the responses to their entries – but other authors will be joining in and answering back. And we’ll make sure all authors get printouts of any comments you leave about any of their entries, so they know your thoughts!So head on over to to watch the fun! Click here to read the rules first before posting your own comments, but after that, dive in and have a blast. And in case you can’t always stop by the website every day (we’ll have new entries going up every HOUR) be sure to visit our downloads area for a screensaver you can have on your desktop that pulls the blogfest directly into it!

The fun kicks off today with a question submitted by Dana, who asks our authors: “What would you be doing if you hadn’t made it as a writer?”

Just a handful of the authors posting over the next few days include:

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