Research Reflections: 10th Shearer and Yount Students, January 28, 2009


Directions for Writing:

Now that we have completed Day 7 of our persuasive research project, it is time to stop and reflect. Please compose a mini-essay following the outline below; your mini-essay should contain at least 8-11 complete sentences.

You will need to address all of the following prompts within your essay and/or paragraph:

1.) What have you learned about your topic within the last week?

2.) What, if any, information has been SURPRISING?

3.) What resources have you used for information?

4.) In your opinion, what has been the best source of information so far?

5.) Describe your progress thus far; please discuss your “game plan” for what you plan to do each day in order to finish on time?

6.) Finally, what are you proud of that you have accomplished so far? What has been challenging or frustrating? Have you done any work outside of class? If so, please discuss.

Directions for Posting

1.  Type your work in Microsoft Word.  Be sure to save and save often!  You may compose this work as a single spaced piece of work.

2.  Be sure to indent or use block paragraphs.

3.  Please print a copy of your work.

4.  Once you have printed, you will post your work to the blog.  Please follow Mrs. Hamilton’s instructions for posting.  Please use your first and class period only when POSTING.

Keep up the great work!

Adapted with permission from B. Hamilton, Media Specialist

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30 thoughts on “Research Reflections: 10th Shearer and Yount Students, January 28, 2009

  1. Zack M.

    My topic, over the past week, has taught me to personally stay in school and not worry about getting paid through athletics. I have also learned that although many people are against paying college athletes, many people are also encouragers of the position. I was really surprised to find out that so many people support paying college athletes. This made me sad because it let me see that the world really worships money more than education. My information about college athletes not getting paid to play has come from viewpoint essays in books, as well as from databases on Gale Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. The best source for my information has come from a database on Gale by Jason Whitlock called “College Athletes Should Not Be Paid.” So far, I have not made very much progression. I think I have all of my sources, but I need at least seven more notecards. My paper, as of right now, consists of only a thesis statement. Therefore, I plan to work on my paper some tonight (Tuesday Night) and Wednesday night, while continuing to take notes on Wednesday during class. On Thursday, I plan to work on and finish my paper in class and at home, and on Friday during class, I plan to make corrections and turn it in. I am proud of myself for finding all of the sources that I need. However, the notecards and the introduction paragraph of the paper have been challenging and frustrating for me. I have done some work out of class, but not much. On Monday night, I looked for some sources on Gale, and I thought about how my paper will be written. Tonight, I plan to start my introductory paragraph of the paper. Maybe this extra time will help me finish the paper before Friday.

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  3. Hannah R. 1st

    In this past week I have learned about different statistics and shocking facts about teenage sexual behavior. This behavior has been shown by young children as old as the age of nine. The most surprising information would be the ages of the teens, and the sexual activities they both make up and participate in. For this topic, I have used five different articles and 2 separate book sources. The best source would have to be the Opposing Viewpoints in general. So far I am going through all of my sources and tagging the important information I may use and after that I will put it all together in an outline, then use that outline to draft my information. After the draft, I will revise and edit, make sure I have all my note cards, then begin my final draft. I am very proud of my sources and the information I’ve been able to gain and the new knowledge.

  4. Kate G

    I have learnt this week that renewable energy is something is being seriously considered for the future. Also how it affects everything we do and transition to swap to renewable will be a hard and long journey. I was most surprised by the fact that people are more concerned with our planet being beautiful to look at than make it healthy. If the planet is healthy then is will be prettier. I used Gale, Sirs and a book called Renewable energy. The Gale opposing viewpoints, it’s reliable. I have almost done all my note cards and have started rough drafting the paper.

  5. Sam 1st

    That there is indeed other fuel sources available to us. We are just not taking advantage of them. Nothing has really surprised me. I have used books, internet websites, and online charts. The best informational site for me was internet sites. My game plan is to finish this as soon as possible so I can start working on my paper. I proud that I’m done with this paragraph. I can start working on my paper. The most challenging thing about my paper so far was taking up half the class period just to type this paragraph.

  6. Tiffany

    While researching my topic this week I learned that most people assume that being in foster-care means you have been abused. That’s not the case, foster care helps people that have been neglected and treated badly througout their life.
    What has surprised me while researching this topic was that this program has been going on for several years. I found out that most of the kids in care are in because of a death of a parent and the other parent isnt able to support and also they have been neglected and been treated like dirt.
    Resources I have used are books and gale. The best recourse I have used for this research project is paragraphs about the history on it and about it in general.

  7. Ashley 1st period

    I have learned that illegal immigration is very bad for American taxpayers. It also hurts education systems and health care facilities. That over 10% of the Mexican population now lives in the United States. Over a million illegal immigrants enter the U.S. each year. I have used GALE, Galileo, Google, and books. Books out of the library were my best source. I could get done with my paper a lot sooner if I didn’t have to do this blog two days before the papers due. It makes it even more stressful to get the paper done on time. The only thing frustrating is being interrupted during research. Yes I have come into the library during lunch.

  8. Emily G

    This last week I have learned a lot about aids disease and how many people all over the world have it. The number of people that are infected with the disease worldwide is surprising. Most of my sources that I have used for this paper were Gale and book out of the library, but non-fiction books have been my best source. Today I’m going to start drafting and then I will work more on it Thursday. I am proud of myself for finally understanding how to use noodle tools but when I didn’t know how to use noodle tools was when I got very frustrated. I haven’t done any work at home yet because we’ve been able to use the computer lab but I probably will end up working at home on Thursday to wrap everything up.

  9. Allison 1st period


    I have learned that women have been a great help in wars of the past. I was surprised to find out about how the military has been covering up the sexual abuse and harrassment going on in the combat field. To find my informating I have used Gale Opposing Veiwpoints and SIRS. SIRS has been a big help in my research. I have started constructing my paper but I still need some more notecards. When I get all of my notecards and sources I will put them in my paper I will have to start doing some work at home though. I am proud of finally picking a topic that I can discuss and feel strongly about. I believe I can make a strong paper with my topic. I haven’t worked at home any but I have to do some work at home to finish on time.

  10. I have learned about physician-assisted death and euthanasia over the last few days. I found some surprising information. I didn’t know that both of these topics were illegal in all states besides Oregon. I have used a few sources for my information. I have used Opposing Viewpoints and Google. By far the best source for my information has been Google. I am done with all of my work and I am revising my essay right now. I am planning on finishing revising my essay today. I am proud of myself for finishing my work quickly and efficiently in less time than was given. Picking the right quotes to put in my paper was the most challenging thing for me to do. All of my work has been done in this classroom.

  11. Caleb K.

    The past week I have been studying the topic of drug trafficking. I have learned that the illegal drug market is the biggest illegal market in America. I have also learned that the United States doesn’t only try to stop drug trafficking in the U.S. but they also go to the source countries and help to stop and eliminate the source.
    I was surprised when I looked on the Drug Enforcement Administration website and saw the major operations they have done in 2008 and 2009. I didn’t believe it was possible to smuggle 15,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States along with millions of dollars in cash.
    I used mostly books to help me find all my research for this paper and one website. I believe the best source of information for my research has to have been what I got from the printed books. With a book you can go back and re read the information again.
    I am finishing up my research today and will hopefully be working on my final draft tomorrow. I am pretty proud of myself on what I have accomplished so far. I believe I am right on schedule to make sure my paper is finished by the due date. The only thing that has been frustrating to me is that sometimes noodletools would not save my notecards, but there is nothing you can do about technical issues.

  12. avery 1st

    This past week I have learned that gay rights are discriminated across the U.S. Nothing has been surprising to me since all this information I have found is either common sense or is just oblivious. My recourses have been a book and 2 databases for now I still need one more because it’s so confusing and we have no time to do anything. The book that my friend found for me it actually has facts instead of stories about gay people like on the web. Yes getting 3 sources, the entire paper, umm yes because we have no time to do it in here all the time.

  13. David 1st period

    In the past week I have learned more about how illegal immigrants affect our country and everyone living in it. We are spending millions each year on them, and they don’t even pay taxes to replenish the large amounts of money spent for their free health care and education. What I found surprising was the amount of taxpayers’ money that is spent to help the illegal immigrants. I have mainly used Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center and one book I found in the library to find information for my paper. The best information has come from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. I have four note cards and four sources so far. I have not done any work outside of school.

  14. Jordan A

    Blog Entry
    The past few days I have been looking at the topic of teenage pregnancy. I’ve learned that the mother of the child struggles greatly and is left with no support. I found a bit surprising that four in ten girls get pregnant; I thought the number was lower. As for resources, I’ve used the Gale opposing Viewpoints and a book source. Opposing viewpoints has been the best source for my information. I have moved an excellent pace for my procrastination level. I have completed my ten note cards, cited all my sources, and I’m in my second paragraph of my drafting process. The game plan is to hopefully finish two more paragraphs today and revise within the end of class tomorrow. I’m very thrilled that I’m ahead of where I’m supposed to be. I’ve had trouble in the drafting process of where to put certain topics. Finally, I have not worked on this outside of class due to the fact I have another research paper.

  15. Tyler 1st Period

    Over the past week I have learned that Euthanasia is becoming more and more common around the U.S. Several people are beginning to accept physician-assisted suicide as part of the medical field. The most surprising information I’ve found has to be that in the Netherlands where they have legalized Euthanasia doctors have begun to unwillingly euthanize patients when they do not request it because they have a terminal illness. I have incorporated several sources from Gale into my research and one very detailed book. The source that has helped me out the most has come from Gale Opposing Viewpoints by James D. Torr called “Legalized Euthanasia Would Lead to Involuntary Killing.” I have not gotten very far so far I still require 6 note cards and my paper only consists of a thesis statement. I haven’t really accomplished much besides having all of my sources. Writing all my note cards has been the most frustrating for me. I have not worked outside of class but I intend to do so before it has to be turned in.

  16. Ashley S. 1st period

    My topic for my research paper is a very interesting to learn about how different animals really are from Human beings. The information that surprised me the most was at how much animals they use for these experiments, also the amount of money they give for scientists to research new medicines. I mostly used the Opposing viewpoints because it has good information and does not repeat itself and it is easy to use, and I have used SIRS also, but it seemed a bit different and harder to use. My progress for finding sources is going good, and I have gotten half of the note cards that I need, I hope to get a rough draft done by Thursday and type the final draft on Friday. I am proud that I almost have finished with my sources and am about to start my rough draft. The little time we get is a bit frustrating for me because I have a lot of things to do and we have been given too many things to do and I haven’t even start my paper. I have done a little bit of research outside of class. I got onto SIRS and opposing Viewpoints for the research I did at home.

  17. Amber

    My topic has been very surprising to me. I learned and found out all about prisons and capital punishment. I got to find out what capital punishment really is. Reading the articles I found some good information on how the prisons work and what goes on inside them. The information I found surprising to me is what they actually do inside the prisons. I found out a lot of interesting information during my research. The sources I have used for my paper are Gale, opposing viewpoints, the book America’s Prisons, and Capital Punishment. So far I have liked using Gale opposing viewpoints. So far I have had pretty good progress. Each day I do a little by little to get my paper done on time. I am proud that I can finally work noodle tools without help and I can site my sources. It has been a little frustrating doing all the note cards. I have done a little bit of work outside of class. I have read and worked on my note cards outside of class.

  18. Lindsey 1st

    I learned that Abstinence only reduces teen sexual activity. What’s been surprising to me was that most of the programs have helped reduce students from sexual activity. The resource that I used was mostly Gale. So far, SIRS and Gale has helped me find information. I plan to have this paper done by Friday and get all my note cards done today and tonight so I can start typing my paper tomorrow and tomorrow night. The most frustrating thing is getting this paper done by Friday and getting the entire note cards and stuff done. I haven’t really worked on anything outside of school but I got to start that tonight.

  19. Blake 1st period

    The past week I have learned that my topic has many controversies. Many people are for it, but at the same time many people think it will not work and it will be a waste of time. Air pollution is a big problem in the world today. President George W. Bush had the idea of the clear skies act to reduce the air pollution from power plants. He was working hard to make it work and try to limit the air pollution by 70%.There were a few things I found surprising in my research. The first thing that I found surprising was that the first time they tried to past the act it was denied. The other thing that was surprising was that many people are against it and don’t believe it will work.For my research I used Gale online reference center. I found most of my information from opposing viewpoints in gale.I have finished all of my note cards and have all of my sources in noddeltools. I will start to write the rough draft tonight. Tomorrow I will start to type the final essay.I am proud that I have accomplished all of the note card and the sources. Next time I would like a little more time to finish the final essay.

  20. cole period 1

    Cole Fraser
    Period 1

    Blog Assignment
    I have learned many things about my topic within the last week. I learned that 20 percent of America smokes and that 80 to 90 percent of the people start before they turn eighteen years old. I have also learned that if a person continues to smoke that they have a 100 percent chance of getting a disease from it.
    The thing that surprised me the most is how serious secondhand smoking is. Around 4,000 people a year suffer from lung cancers who have never even smoked.
    I used 4 web encyclopedia sources and a book source.
    The Book source was the best source of information so far. It provided lots of reliable information and helped me with my paper a lot.
    My progress is pretty good I am starting my rough draft today. I plan on finishing my rough draft tonight for homework then revising it all day tomorrow and typing up the final draft for homework.
    I am proud of my thesis statement. Noodle tools were challenging but now I have the hang of it. Yes I have worked outside of class.

  21. Ashley 1st period

    This week while researching I have learned many things I did not know about suicide. I learned that more males actually commit suicide while more females attempt suicide but do not commit it. Many things I’ve read have been more along the lines of sad than surprising. I found most of my information on Opposing Viewpoints, but I have also used a book and another site. Opposing Viewpoints has been the best resource I have used so far. So far I’ve almost got all the information that I need to write my paper, but I will have to do work outside of class in order to get this paper finished on time. Yes, I’ve learned how to use the note cards on noodle tools which I did not know how to do before. Noodle Tools has been somewhat frustrating at the same time though. I have not done any work out of class yet, because I did not realize I would have to in order to complete this research paper.

  22. Chris P.

    The topic that I chose to write about is Stem Cells. As most people know, this topic is very controversial. I personally believe that the research is strongly needed. Since I already had a background with information about stem cell research, I didn’t learn much. But I did learn a few things that would help me to make my reasoning more clear.
    There were lots of things that I found interesting about this topic. I actually never knew how extensive this field of research was. Probably the most interesting thing that I learned was that Stem Cells were pluripotent. This basically means that stem cells, if worked with appropriately, can be turned into brain, heart, skim, blood, lung, liver, and any other cell that is found in the body
    Since the research is a controversial topic, finding information about it wasn’t very difficult. The sources I used to narrow down my field of interest were common websites that told me about the major information. Then I used the databases to find information on my main topics. Finally I used book sources to clarify what it is I was using, and to fing quotes and more information about it,.
    The books in my opinion will always have the most important sources.
    I do what I have to do to get the work done.
    I done some work outside of class, like research and note cards. I’m not very proud of any accomplishments, I don’t get too much enjoyment out of doing something I don’t want to do

  23. Ethan P.

    E.Z. Page
    Period 1
    The research paper has been an interesting process. I have learned many new and different things. I have learned that each state has a different immigration law. Something that I didn’t expect to see was that more immigrants end up in Georgia than anywhere else. Most of those facts I found in opposing viewpoints, which has been very helpful to me. I have been doing my sources first then drafting. Overall I’m proud of the work I have done and am ready to show it in class

  24. Shane K

    I have learned in the past week that many people have differtent view on the situation. There really has not been that much information, just everyones oppinion backing up there reasons. I have only mostly used opposing viewpoints for my research. The best source so far has been opposing viewpoints. I have only finished three notecards because I did it wrong the first time and I think I might just turn it in late because theres not enough time.

  25. Jessica C.

    I have learned this week that animals are abused in many ways, some I didn’t even know. It’s sad that people treat animals as tools and take them from their homes. I have found all of my research to be kind of surprising, I didn’t think people would treat animals the way they do, so it’s really shocking. I have used SIRS and Galileo to do most of my research for my paper. SIRS has helped me the most in my research, it has had the most information on my topic. I have made lots of progress, I have my sources and a few note cards, but not 10, so my game plan for today is to finish my note cards and start drafting tomorrow that way I finish everything by Friday. Have you done any work outside of class? If so, please discuss. I have learned to use noodle tools a lot better than I knew how to last year, I feel like I’m more organized.

  26. Devin R.

    I learned that video games cause’s violence in young children. Also, that playing video games distorts their reality and makes them more likely to defy authority figures. I found out that playing video games at an early age actually stunts the development of the brain. The part of the brain that gets stunted is the part that makes you able to make decisions and to have emotions. I have used Gale viewpoints to help me find information. Gale is the best source because it had both viewpoints to look at. I plan on working a little each night. I have made the deadlines and I am proud because I usually procrastinate.

  27. Troy

    Troy L-Z
    Genocide is a leading killer in third world countries around the world. Rebel armies and militants are the reason why people are dying and starving in these poor places of the world. I’ve used some databases, which were ok, but I found the books to be the best resources. I plan on getting my entire note cards completed before I start on my paper. To tell you the truth, Noodle tools has been a real pain for me. If the library could fix that website, it would be awesome. After I was done making a citation, I pressed forward and the page errors! It’s been pretty rough so far but I think it will get better

  28. T.J.

    Within the past week I have learned a lot about my topic. I learned that there are many different types of drugs that are used for performance enhancing. It surprised me that some of the Olympic gold medal winners have lost their medals because of steroids. The only resources I have used for this assignment are GVRL and a book about this topic. The best source of information so far has been the online resources because they have a lot of information. So far my progress has been alright I haven’t started the project but I can do it Thursday night. I am proud that I did my notecards so far. It has been challenging to use the slow internet to find things. I have not done any work outside of class because when I get home I play Xbox.

  29. Brittany

    I have learned the different kind of elder abuse and how to prevent it and recognize it. Surprising information I have learned about elder abuse is that it is common, and often unnoticed. Some of the sources for this topic I have used Medline Plus, opposing viewpoints, a excellent book about the different kinds of abuse. In my opinion the best source of information is Medline Plus and Opposing Viewpoints. In order to finish on time I draft during lunch ideas that I learned that day, then type the paper. Challenging or frustrating has been the time limit, but it’s a challenge and I will make it. It just makes things frustrating. Yes I have done work outside of class to finish on time, it’s a part of the game plan.

  30. Hailey H.

    I have learned that Child Protective Services have been let down because people do not see that they are really doing their jobs and saving children every day. I am surprised that children with disabilities are treated the way they are. I did not know that Kids who are not “normal” are at higher risk to be a victim in an abuse case. I have gotten my information from Gale databases, and Sirs. The best information I have gotten so far has been the statistics on the child around the United States who are dealing with being abused. I have not started drafting yet, but I think I have enough information to get the point across that child abuse is not taken seriously, and should be. I have never used Noodle Tools before. So, for my first time I think I am getting the hang of it and actually figuring out how to make note cards on my own. Learning how to use Noodle Tools has taken some time and I have gotten frustrated with it trying to make a citation page. I have worked at home on my note cards and printed some information. Also, gotten help from my mom.

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