Library Remix!


In recent days, a few students have been shocked to see empty shelves where our fiction collection was once shelved.   These students have gasped and asked, “Where are all the books?”  Those looks of horror turn to huge smiles when we point them to our newly designed fiction section!  The new fiction section, housed in what used to be the reference area, has more of a bookstore “Barnes and Noble-ish” feel as the shelves feature books with the covers up so that it is easier to see the books.  The new fiction shelving also showcases creative book arrangements (while staying true to the Dewey Decimal System!) that are eye-catching.

So far, most students seem excited and pleased with the new changes!  Two of our library regulars, Shelby and Nicole, have been especially happy with the new arrangements and thanked us for the newly created fiction section.

The Unquiet Library is planning a new seating and study area where the “old” fiction shelves were housed.  Mrs. Hamilton is working to secure grants and donations to provide more lounge and study furniture for the media center.  If you as a business or school community member would like to make a donation to our furniture fund, please call Mrs. Hamilton at 770-720-7600 x253.

One other major change you will now see is that reference books are intershelved with nonfiction books.  This new intershelving puts all nonfiction and reference books together in continuous Dewey Decimal order.  If you need assistance finding a book, please ask for help.

Take some time to come browse our wonderful new fiction section!  We think you will be pleasantly surprised to discover something you’ll enjoy in our awesome collection!

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7 thoughts on “Library Remix!

  1. Wow! looks great! Straight to my inspiration file.

  2. Inspiring…it’s always wonderful to find like-minded colleague! I took a job in a very traditional setting 2 years ago, charged with the task of bringing the library into the 21st century. It’s been an uphill climb. I will be using your post (and your blog) as fodder for the conversations happening in our school about what a library IS.

  3. Tony Wuertz

    Looks great!!!!

  4. Will you post some bigger pictures so that we can get a better look at how you have arranged the books? It looks great!

  5. Hi Mary! You can go to the set on Flickr and when you look at each pic, just choose “all sizes” for larger viws!

    Thank you so much! The kids love it!

  6. Buffy,

    How is the intershelving of reference books working for you? Do you think you will get more use of the reference this way? Any problems you have discovered so far? I’m thinking of doing the same to use space in a better way.

    Love your blog by the way! You are an inspiration to the school library profession!

  7. Hi Tina! Thank you so much for your kind words!

    So far, the intershelving is working out GREAT! I think next year will be the litmus test for usage and access—in the meantime, I will be finally doing my post about the intershelving project today (I hope) at

    Thank you again!!!

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