Spotlight Assignment of the Week: Wikis with Jason Hubbard


The Assignment

This week’s featured assignment is Jason Hubbard’s Amendments assignment.   In this assignment, Mr. Hubbard’s “Law, Community, Response, and Policing” students worked in pairs and small groups to research an assigned amendment to learn how that amendment protects citizens and restricts law enforcement”.  Using the research pathfinder created in conjunction with the library, Mr. Hubbard’s students created a scavenger hunt about their amendment using Glogster or PowerPoint.

What We Did

With assistance from Ms. Hamilton and Mr. Hubbard, students learned how to:

1.  Join the class wiki

2.  Create/add a wiki page to the wiki.

3. Embed Content:

For students who were using PowerPoint or Google Docs, the skill of creating a free SlideShare account was introduced.  Students were able to upload their presentations to SlideShare and to get an “embed” code for embedding their PowerPoint into the Wiki; students then learned how to use the embed widget and embed their SlideShare into their group wiki page.

Students who created a Glogster learned how to find the embed code and embed into their wiki page.

august212009 003

Once the multimedia scavenger hunt was completed, students composed a reflection paragraph their learning process.  Students then worked to complete the other scavenger hunts created by their classmates to enhance their understanding of the other assigned amendments.


Here is what Mr. Hubbard has to say about this project:

It was great to see and hear many of the students express their enthusiasm about trying something “outside the box”. Most found that using the available technology to “get out of the books” made their learning of the material come more easily and without the usual effort. As with all technology, we ran into some little snags here and there but in the end, that just added to the overall lesson by throwing in a little mini lesson on patience.   The media center staff made the use of the technology extremely easy.  I think we will be using the SlideShare and Glogsters for many of my classes future projects.

Are you interested in doing a similar assignment or using a wiki to host student created content?  Come by the library, and we will collaborate with you to make your wiki dreams come true!


Do you want to know more about wikis?  Check out these resources to learn more!

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