History at The Unquiet Library: Our First Kindle Checkout!

Today, one of our Unquiet Library students, Caitlyn, checked out the very first Kindle from the Unquiet Library.  We loaded it up with her specific requests, including Hunger Games, the House of Night series, and several Ally Carter titles.

Caitlyn was gracious enough to share her thoughts on why she wanted to try reading on a Kindle and what she expects from the reading experience.

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8 thoughts on “History at The Unquiet Library: Our First Kindle Checkout!

  1. Way to go U.L.!!! Our Nooks are on the way…looking forward to sharing our experiences with you.

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  5. D. Bancks

    I need to understand how to circulate a Kindle so that access to my library’s Amazon account is safe. How are you accomplishing this?

    • This is an excellent question . Readers, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but the only “sure” way is to deregister the Kindle upon checkout and then re-register it when it comes in. Some libraries are doing this, and I respect that, but that step feels cumbersome to me, so we’re not taking that measure. Instead, we have included in our acceptable use policy that patrons are not to purchase items for the Kindle; we also are VERY proactive in telling students that we will buy and load whatever they want, but to let us do it. If they do purchase items, they must reimburse the library and will lose the privilege of checking out the device in the future.

      I’m hoping that by being proactive with the user policy and the “custom purchase” plan we have in place to personalize the Kindle experience, we won’t hit this roadbump. I might be overly optimistic, but I feel hopeful these two strategies will work for us.


  6. D. Bancks

    Buffy, I like the approach you are taking. Thank you for taking the time to explain your decision in detail and for sharing so much valuable content on getting started with Kindles.

    • Hi Buffy,
      Thanks for sharing your experiences with circulating Kindles. Are your Kindles all on one account? Do you load the same titles onto each Kindle or is the content different on each? We’re planning to introduce Kindles in the near future. I really appreciate your advice.
      -D. Reddington

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