January 5 Kindle Program Update: Form Modifications, Cataloging, Tech Issues

Don’t forget to visit our Kindle LibGuides page for more videos, forms, and resources for your Kindle program!

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5 thoughts on “January 5 Kindle Program Update: Form Modifications, Cataloging, Tech Issues

  1. Oh no! Poor dead kindle. I ended up ordering the Marware Sportgrip cover and a Clear Touch anti-glare screen cover for my library’s kindle and I have been very happy with them so far. Keep the great advice and updates coming!

    • Christie:

      Thank you so much for the great suggestions–I think I will order those and try them out!

      Thank you for taking time to share and for reading our blog!

      Buffy Hamilton

  2. Julie Hooper

    Thanks for all the great information! Have you thought about attaching the list of titles on each Kindle to the Marc record in Destiny? When you have more than six devices, the second set will probably have different titles than the first. This would be handy info to have on the catalog. Just use the Digital Content upload in Destiny. I uploaded an Excel file, and it worked just fine.

  3. Melanie

    The cataloging of our Kindle editions at the Collegiate School has me stumped. We were adding titles to the MARC records for the devices, but that seemed like it could get out of control pretty fast. Instead, we ended up cataloging the devices and the adding MARC records for each Kindle edition we purchase. The only problem with this is that the Kindle edition is always “available” even though a device may not be. I feel like there’s got to be a better way, though perhaps there’s no right answer, just whatever works best for each library.

    • We’re having the same experience you are—sometimes one fix stops one “leak”, but not all of them! I’m not sure the current cataloging of most OPACS meets our needs—this might be a great opportunity for us to have conversations with our vendors to voice the concerns and see what solutions could be developed to more effectively catalog these new devices and the titles.

      We are in the process of creating a Kindle page on our website to update and list the titles attached to each Kindle—honestly, I think for our students, it may be more accessible there anyway since they live in our LibGuides page and website more than the OPAC. We’re also going to use a 1.0 method of having folders at the circ desk with lists of titles for each cluster of Kindles; I’m thinking of doing some type of bulletin board, too.

      Our primary challenge in my school is that we can’t edit our MARC records—consequently, a lot of the great suggestions people have shared here won’t work for us. We’re working on that, though!

      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences here and helping us think through this learning curve we all face!

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