It Takes a Village: CVHS Custodial Staff Supports Literacy and Libraries

from Melanie Salas, Career Technical Department teacher

Eileen, my custodian, noticed that I had collected coke caps last school year. She would add some to my “coke cup” every now and then. Eventually I was able to tell her that I collected them and cashed in rewards for different people at school. Last year, I arranged for Popular Science magazine to show up at some less affluent students’ homes. I never told the kids – one day the subscription just starting showing up at their house. A few kids even brought the magazines in to school and were reading them there. Pretty cool.

I believe that this is what created this year’s Coke cap drive…

Now all of the custodians have been collecting bottle caps. I keep a box in my room that is constantly a few inches deep with Coke caps waiting for me to input the numbers/codes. Around Christmas, we were able to send magazines (Popular Science and Seventeen) to 7 different families. In continuation, 2 subscriptions have been purchased for The Unquiet Library.  The Creekview Special Education Department has also been helped with a magazine subscription and a classic baseball cap.

The custodians continue to collect these caps, Salas continues to enter the caps into an account, and students/families/departments will continue to be aided as a result of this one simple act: taking a cap off of a bottle of Coke.

from Buffy Hamilton, school librarian

I’d like to add that we are so very blessed to have the most wonderful custodial department in the world here at The Unquiet Library!  Whether we need help moving furniture, hanging up decorations for a space we can’t reach, or bringing down our latest book shipments, our custodial staff takes care of the library space with unwavering dedication and care.  We could not do what we do without David Loggins and his amazing staff.  Simply, thank you for helping our library to be the learning space it is for our school community.

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4 thoughts on “It Takes a Village: CVHS Custodial Staff Supports Literacy and Libraries

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  2. Kristin

    You guys are amazing! I love how you guys are working together to surprise students! I find that maintenance staff and librarians often have a lot in common when it comes to service. Plus, we’re always setting up special events together: they do the chairs, we do the A/V equipment. I’ve been saved more than once by my maintenance folks!

  3. Kristin—thank you so much! They truly are lifesavers for us in so many ways, and we are lucky to work with such talented and caring people!


  4. Kim

    It is so wonderful to see a school custodial staff recognized for the hard work they do each day. What a great way to illustrate how every member of the learning community can contrbute to reading literacy.

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