Lauren’s Book Reviews: Catching Up with Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

WARNING:  SPOILER ALERT–do not read any further if you have NOT read the book.  Thanks!

Ok, so you know how at the beginning of the school year I decided to start this book-a-month challenge? Well, I failed that miserably. With school and a new job, I had next to no time to read for fun. But enough excuses. The past is the past. I am starting over and getting back on track. So Mockingjay (the third and final book in the Hunger Games Trilogy) will be my November, December, January, and February book review. I apologize for the setback. However…life will go on, and so will my reading.

Mockingjay was awesome! Well, until the end. I thought the entire book was filled with twists and turns that made it hard to put the book down at times. I gained a lot of respect for many of the characters, especially Prim. I love Prim! And her trusty companion, Buttercup. However, I can’t believe that Prim died in the end!!!! How awful was that?! I never really like Coin that much, so her death was not disappointing. Haymitch is one of my new favorite characters because by the end of story you can really see that he does actually have a heart, and it is more acts the way he does. I am SO glad Peeta got better, but why in the world did Gale have to go off to another district, never to be seen again?! What in the world provoked that concept out of you, Ms. Collins? I mean, I love Peeta, but I really think Gale and Katniss should have ended up together. I mean, yes Katniss and Peeta have The Games in common, but I think it should have been Gale. But it’s a tough choice. I hate love-triangles!

I think that the ending was slow and drawn out. When you hit the climax you expect the resolution to come like-BAM!-and just hit you. In Mockingjay the build up was so great and the climax was so strong and the end…trickled out like a water balloon with a tiny pin-hole in it. That was slightly disappointing. But as a whole, I liked the book.

All in all, I loved the series. I highly recommend it, especially before the movies come out (because you know The Hunger Games will be replacing Twilight pretty soon, now). Suzanne Collins did a great job on this story. All three of the books had twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat and I’m almost sad that the story is over. Thank you all for following my blog posts, and, again, I apologize for getting so behind. Stay tuned for my next adventure next month.

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2 thoughts on “Lauren’s Book Reviews: Catching Up with Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

  1. maria

    You need to put a spoiler alert. You gave away the ending.

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