“The Author’s Den” Creative Writing Club @ The Unquiet Library, September 2011

Author’s Den / Creekview Creative Writing Club


 What is “The Author’s Den” Creative Writing Club?

Mission statement:    To be a supportive environment where Creekview’s writers can share and grow in their writing. We will support everyone, appreciate all writing offered, and offer advice and editing where asked for. By sharing our individual skills and ideas for improvement, we will teach ourselves the art of creative writing.

Process:          We will learn how to edit based on the principles of the “silent coffeehouse” and hopefully wean ourselves off of the silence. The central part is sharing our work with each other. As we discuss each other’s work, we will each learn the techniques that the others bring to the table, or at least get to know people who care what we write.

Standard meeting:    We will introduce ourselves, and after everyone knows everyone else, we get started. Every member will bring a piece of their own writing and share it, one day by reading aloud, perhaps first by passing it around.

The author of the shared work will say whether they want approval, full edit, or hitting of one part, either good or bad. They will have said what level of intensity they want from editing, ten (10) being ruthless, and one (1) being so gentle it is almost just approbation. People who have something within the developed bounds to say will speak up, and the President will make sure that at least one comment is made by everyone on any given piece. The President will then call the next writer to read. Conversation is good and encouraged, but it is the President’s obligation to monitor it and see that it does not go off track, or detract from the main purpose of the meeting.

The meeting will be facilitated by a rotating president and Ms. Hamilton, club sponsor.

Our next meeting will be in October 2011—please let us know Tuesday, October 11 or Tuesday, October 18 works better for your schedule.  Thanks!

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