Love Thy Library

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve been giving away some fun Gale Cengage Learning bling since we have access to three Gale databases we use heavily for research here at The Unquiet Library!  Many thanks to Gale for the free goodies that are helping our students show their love for The Unquiet Library!

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6 thoughts on “Love Thy Library

  1. So, do we enter by making a comment to say how much we love the library or ? I’m not sure what to do, but I am the literacy coach at my school & work with the librarian often-we love all things that librarians and libraries offer to our students and teachers.

  2. Great wristbands! Would love a couple to give away [and maybe one for me 🙂 ]
    I enjoy your blog, I always get a thrill when it pops up in my email!
    Continued success.

  3. I ‘mis-read’ your post in my haste-my face is red, & not because of Valentine’s Day. Sorry. BUT, all else I said is true, libraries have lately taken a beating all over the US so once more I really do profess my love for them and for librarians everywhere!!

    • No worries at all! Any time someone gets to share a little love for libraries and librarians is an excellent thing! Thank you again, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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