The Kindles Are Coming!

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The long wait is nearly over!  We will soon be offering Kindle eReaders for circulation!  We will be purchasing the latest generation of Kindle that offers you 3G and wireless access to the ebooks.  The Kindles may be used at home or at school.   How will the checkouts of Kindles work for you as students?

1.  You will need to come by the library to get a checkout permission and information form [see below]—this form will need to be read carefully and then signed by both you and a legal guardian before we can circulate the Kindle to you.   Please note that all overdues and fines you may currently  have must be cleared before we can loan you a Kindle.

2.   Once the form is returned, we will place you on the waiting list as we will be starting with a small pool of the Kindles; we will notify you ASAP through your first period and/or English teacher that the Kindle is ready for you to checkout.   Either Ms. Hamilton or Ms. Johnson will give you a quick demo and “get started” one on one tutorial so you feel comfortable and confident using the Kindle.  We will also be posting some tutorial videos as needed on our Unquiet Library YouTube Channel.

3.  If there are specific titles you want, you can also complete a Kindle Book request form available in the library; we will do our best to accommodate all Kindle book purchase requests for students.  You can browse the Kindle ebook store to see if the book you want is available for the library to purchase in Kindle format.

4.  The loan period will be for one week.

5.  When you return the Kindle, we will ask you to complete a short survey and an optional video interview about your Kindle reading experience.  Your input will help us make an informed decision on future Kindle and/or other ereading device purchases!

Questions?  Come by the library or email Ms. Hamilton at !

*Many thanks to librarian Kathy Parker who has been in invaluable source of information and encouragement in our efforts to roll out Kindles to you, our students!*

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Please Welcome Guest Student Blogger Lauren!

My name is Lauren, and I am a senior here at Creekview High School. I love animals (I have two dogs, two cats, and three horses), music, and art. I grew up in Lawrenceville, GA and moved to Alpharetta in the 9th grade. My favorite subjects in school have always been Literature, History, and Art. I have never been much of a reader, but have always admired people who read constantly. So, for this school year, I have challenged myself to read and finish a book each month outside of books assigned for school. I hope that my plan turns out well and that I become a faster reader by the end of the year. Each month I will post a new blog entry about the book I read that month to share how I liked the book. Wish me luck on my challenge and please tell me what you think about the books I choose!

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Please Welcome Guest Blogger Marlize!

Please welcome our new student guest blogger Marlize!  Marlize will be sharing book reviews and the journey of her Senior Research Project with us during the 2010-11 school year.  Here is Marlize’s biography in her own words:

“I am an expat from South Africa (my family moved here a few weeks before 9/11. What a great “Welcome to America!” gift). We lived in Missouri until my dad decided to move us here to Georgia right before my freshman year.

I’m hoping to attend the Art Institute. The plan is to have a double major in Food and Beverage Management and Culinary Arts with a Concentration in Baking and Pastry and a minor in Interior Design or Photography.

I think Britsh television is the best thing to happen to the world since air conditioning (case in point: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Friday Night Project, Little Britain… I could honestly go on for days.)

My taste in books ranges from Milton’s Paradise Lost to Scott Westerfield’s Peeps

to Perry Moore’s Hero. I basically like everything. Well… I really didn’t like the Twilight series after the first book. Meyer should have stopped with Twilight.”

The Unquiet Library is excited to have Marlize on board as a member of our blogging team!  Stay tuned for her first post coming soon!

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The Unquiet Library Multimedia Annual Report 2009-10

In the spirit of my monthly reports, I give you The Unquiet Library Annual Report in multimedia format.  This report includes:

  • An embedded copy of the text annual report (which is also downloadable as a PDF from SlideShare)
  • A video version of the year in review
  • Links to each monthly report which feature links to each month’s pathfinders, photoshows, video interview with teachers and students, blog entries for the month, the text report, and more.
  • Widgets and link to our social media streams

You can view the video in a larger view by clicking on this link.

If you have created an interesting or unusual annual report, please post the link to it  here in the comment section so that we can share ideas for more effective report formats and elements.


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Top 25 Books at The Unquiet Library: 2009-10

Here are the top 25 circulating print books of 2009-10 @ The Unquiet Library:

Title Author Call # Circulations
1. [ Book ] Tricks Hopkins, Ellen. FIC HOP 49
2. [ Book ] Identical Hopkins, Ellen. FIC HOP 39
3. [ Book ] Marked Cast, P. C. FIC CAS 25
4. [ Book ] Crank Hopkins, Ellen. FIC HOP 24
5. [ Book ] The perks of being a wallflower Chbosky, Stephen. FIC CHB 21
6. [ Book ] Betrayed : a house of night novel Cast, P. C. FIC CAS 19
7. [ Book ] Lessons from a dead girl Knowles, Johanna (Johanna Beth), 1970- FIC KNO 19
8. [ Book ] Tempted : a house of night novel Cast, P. C. FIC CAS 19
9. [ Book ] Vampire kisses 6 : royal blood Schreiber, Ellen. FIC SCH 19
10. [ Book ] Chosen : a house of night novel Cast, P. C. FIC CAS 18
11. [ Book ] Untamed : a house of night novel Cast, P. C. FIC CAS 18
12. [ Book ] Impulse Hopkins, Ellen. FIC HOP 17
13. [ Book ] Someone like you Dessen, Sarah. FIC DES 17
14. [ Book ] Speak Anderson, Laurie Halse. FIC AND 17
15. [ Book ] The beast of Noor Carey, Janet Lee. FIC CAR 16
16. [ Book ] Breaking dawn Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- FIC MEY 16
17. [ Book ] Eclipse Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- FIC MEY 16
18. [ Book ] Impulse Hopkins, Ellen. FIC HOP 16
19. [ Book ] The lightning thief Riordan, Rick. FIC RIO 16
20. [ Book ] Vampire knight. Vol. 5 Hino, Matsuri. 741.5 HIN 16
21. [ Book ] Vampire knight. Vol. 6 Hino, Matsuri. 741.5 HIN 16
22. [ Book ] Dear John Sparks, Nicholas. FIC SPA 15
23. [ Book ] Glass Hopkins, Ellen. FIC HOP 15
24. [ Book ] Just listen : a novel Dessen, Sarah. FIC DES 15
25. [ Book ] The time traveler’s wife Niffenegger, Audrey. FIC NIF 15
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