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Gmail’s New Look

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Google: What Do You Love?

Learn more about this cool new search feature at the Google Blog.

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Get the weather in Google Maps

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New Fonts for Google Docs!

Check out the new cool new font offerings in Google Docs, including Calibri!

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More Google Docs Goodness: Collaborative Highlighting

Google Docs Gets a Taste of Wave with Collaborative Highlighting via kwout

As if there isn’t enough to love about Google Docs, now we have a new feature:  collaborative highlighting!  Here is how the official Google blog describes this cool feature:

You can now see the text that other editors are highlighting as they select it. So if someone is about to delete something on your screen or drag text somewhere else, you’ll see them highlight that text before anything changes.

You can read more at the article above as well as the official Google Docs blog!

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