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Kindle: Coming to an Android Phone Near You This Summer

Have you wanted to try ereading but can’t afford a Kindle?  If you have an Android phone (and we know an increasing number of students do), then good news:  you will be able to download the free Kindle app for the Android this summer!

Kindle for Android via kwout

If you already own an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Blackberry, you can also download the free Kindle app now.  In addition, you can download the free Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac to enjoy Kindle books on your home computer.  I use the iPhone app as well as the Kindle for PC and have been delighted with the reading experience!  Find out more here:

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Check Out the Jodi Picoult iPhone/iPod App by Simon and Schuster

Jodi Picoult for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store via kwout

Are you a Jodi Picoult fan?  What if you could access cool content for this author for just 99 cents?  Check out this great app!  Here is the description from the iTunes store:

The official app for Jodi Picoult, bestselling author of My Sister’s Keeper, House Rules, Handle With Care, and The Tenth Circle. You’ll be updated with news, tour dates, videos, excerpts, reading guides and book club suggestions, photos and much more!

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Poem Flow for iPhone and iPod

About Poem Flow via kwout

As many of you know, we are HUGE poetry fans at The Unquiet Library!  National Poetry Month is only six weeks away, so why not get pumped off for the celebrations by getting the free Poem Flow app for your iPod or iPhone?

The iTunes store  highlights these features on their app preview page for Poem Flow:

Poem Flow puts a poem-of-the-day in the palm of your hand. Each day a new poem happens. When you turn a poem on its side, the text flows in a gentle reading animation. Poem Flow introduces you to poems you haven’t met, and lets you see (and share) old poems anew.

Experience a Poem Flow at:


• Text converts to animation with the turn of your hand.
• Motion + Text + Light = a movie that you watch to read.
• You get a new poem every day from a mix of the greatest poems in English.
• Previous poems persist, building a book on your device.
• Everyone reads the same poem on the same day creating instant, invisible community.
• Geolocation (with permission) reveals where and when a poem was last read.
• Share a Poem Flow with anyone with or without an Apple device.
• You get 20 great poems for free, including a full week of poem-of-the-day.
• Additional poems can be purchased for less than a penny a poem.
• You can learn a poem from a Poem Flow.
• The Academy of American Poets provides context for each poem and poet.
• Great for learning English, and for sharing some of the world’s most beautiful thoughts.

For more about this app, visit:

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100 Most Educational iPhone Apps for Students

100 Most Educational iPhone Apps | via kwout

Do you  have an iPhone?  Check out these awesome educational apps to enhance your learning anytime, anywhere learning!  Categories include:  brain exercises, flashcards/quizzes, science, math, geography/history, languages, art, productivity, reference materials,  and English.

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