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7th Period Healthcare Science Students Skype with ER Physician Dr. Jeff Weintraub

In recent weeks, Mr.  Larry Peacock and Mr. Steve Sapere’s Healthcare Science students have been studying religious diversity and how those understandings inform the work of healthcare providers. Why is this such an important unit of study for students?  Mr. Sapere shares:

As healthcare providers, we will be presented with patients from diverse religious backgrounds. Providing proper care to these patients will require a great deal of knowledge and sensitivity on our parts. A necessary part of the training of any healthcare provider is a familiarity with various religions and their beliefs and practices as they might pertain to medicine and medical treatment. Students were asked to research a world religion, focusing in particular on any practices, beliefs or dietary requirements that might impact how a healthcare worker might administer care. As an additional requirement, students were asked to arrange to have a guest speaker representative of the religion they studied come and share with the class.

In collaboration with Ms. Hamilton, Mr. Sapere co-created the research pathfinder to support students’ research.  As part of this unit of study, Mr. Sapere contacted his lifelong friend,  Dr. Jeff Weintraub, about doing an interview with a class.  The Unquiet Library and Ms. Hamilton offered to help make the interview real time and interactive by using Skype, so on Friday, February 11, the 7th period Healthcare Science students came to the library to participate in this visit with Dr. Weintraub.

Dr. Jeff Weintraub was born and raised in the New York City suburbs, where he attended junior high and high school with Creekview Healthcare Science teacher Steve Sapere.  He did his undergraduate work/study at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and he attended medical school at Cornell Medical School in Manhattan.  Dr. Weintraub currently works in the Emergency Medicine department of Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, CT.  He and his wife Robyn (another Cornell grad) are the proud parents of two lovely children.

Here is an excerpt of the Skype visit:

Students share a few reflections on the Skype visit:

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How a Creekview HS Student Uses Evernote in the Real World

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Mrs. Frost and Freshmen Master the Art of the Glogster Widget in Wikispaces!

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Ms. Carden’s Juniors Reflect on the Classroom Blogging Experience

In August, The Unquiet Library helped Ms. Carden establish class blogs for her American Literature/Composition classes and introduced the concept of classroom blogging to her junior students. Two of her juniors reflect on how the classroom blogging experience is working for them:

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Diigo Users: Try The New Diigo + Google Search Tool!


Diigo Blog » Tip of the day: new “Diigo + Google” search box via kwout

Harness the power of your two favorite research tools:  Google and Diigo!  There is now a new search feature that allows you to use your Diigo search box to get auto suggested keywords from your tags, search history, and “Google Suggest.”  Here is a sample search I did:

You may need to enable the search box setting to see these results.  Please visit the post for full directions on making sure the feature is enabled.

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