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October Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

WOW! I can’t believe I’m already three months into my reading challenge! Except this month is different. I read and finished TWO books! I read Catching Fire (the sequel to The Hunger Games) and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (an AP Lit. reading assignment). It was definitely a challenge for me, but I feel very accomplished in doing so. Catching Fire was awesome. Brave New World? That’s a different story.

The Hunger Games was great,  and I could hardly put it down, but Catching Fire had me turning pages faster than a race car! There were more twists and turns than I ever expected! There were so many times that I caught myself yelling at the characters. It’s a good thing I usually read in a quiet place where I’m all alone. When Peeta announced  love for Katniss in the first book, I was speechless. When he announced their “newest family addition” the second time around, I almost passed out. And when Gale told Katniss about District Twelve,  I was really annoyed that I couldn’t pick Mockingjay up and start reading. I am still on the waiting list for that by the way. I can’t believe the things that have taken place so far in Panem and I can’t wait to find out how the story ends.

So far, my favorite character is Gale. I love him! I also feel really bad for him because I know he loves Katniss, but she has become the center of a twisted love triangle. Katniss is actually one of my least favorites. Peeta is sweet, and I would feel bad for him if Katniss kicked him to the curb, but I think that Gale is so much better for her.

I can’t wait to keep reading!


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Preview Lauren Conrad’s Sugar and Spice!

Check out the first six chapters of Lauren Conrad’s new book for free!

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Romeo and Juliet and Vampires Preview

from our friends at Harper Teen:

For a limited time, read the first 5 chapters of Romeo & Juliet & Vampires here! http://bit.ly/aw23PG

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Before I Fall Author Lauren Oliver Interview

This book has been circulating like crazy since arriving a month ago!  Watch this video with author Lauren Oliver on YouTube from Harper Teen!

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Supernatural Summer Tour Coming to Alpharetta Barnes and Noble June 2!

Mark your calendars NOW and tell all of your friends and come out to meet these Supernatural Summer authors at the Alpharetta Barnes and Noble store on June 2, 2010 at 7PM!
  • KIM HARRISON (Early to Death, Early to Rise)
  • ELLEN SCHREIBER (Vampire Kisses 7: Love Bites)
The Alpharetta Barnes and Noble is located at Barnes and Noble Mansell Crossing SC, 7660 Northpoint Parkway Ste 200 Alpharetta, GA 30022; the store phone number is  770-993-8340 if you need more details.
You can also enter the Supernatural Summer sweepstakes to win an iPad! See the Harper Teen Supernatural Summer contest page for more details and contest rules.

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