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Harper Teen Podcasts!


If you haven’t checked out the awesome lineup of podcasts at Harper Teen, then surf on over to their Podcast Page to get the latest scoop from all your favorite authors!  You can also enter a contest to win an iPod Shuffle!

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Poetry Slidecast: Mrs. Nayman’s 1st Period Poetry Reading!

On Wednesday, April 29, Mrs. Nayman’s 1st period 11th American Literature/Composition students shared poems inspired by personal photographs @ The Unquiet Library!  You can enjoy the slidecast below to see their photos and hear each student read his/her poem.  Simply click the green button, and the slides will automatically play and advance themselves.

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Poetry Reading Podcast From The Unquiet Library: 7th Period, Mrs. Pickart’s Class

We are still working on our XML feed uploading and replicating to Odeo and iTunes….stay tuned for updates on how to access the podcasts at these sites!

In the meantime, another great poetry podcast!  This podcast, , is from Mrs. Pickart’s 7th period.  Enjoy!

Mrs. Hamilton

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More Poetry Podcasts From The Unquiet Library: 3rd and 5th Period, Mrs. Pickart’s Classes

3rd period: 

5th period:

Some incredibly emotional and powerful poems are in these podcasts, everyone—please take time to listen.   Mrs. Pickart and I are so proud of these students—a remarkable day of poetry reading and sharing!

Mrs. Hamilton

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Unquiet Library Podcast: Mrs. Pickart’s 1st Period

Part 1 of Our Poetry Podcast from Mrs. Pickart’s 1st period class today!  AMAZING poems!

[odeo=] .

Click on the pink button to play the podcast!  🙂

Here is Part 2 of our 1st period poetry reading:

Mrs. Hamilton


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