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Google Social Search Feature

Many of our freshmen and sophomore students have been immersed in the use of Google tools for learning during the 2009-10 school year.   This video showcases some exciting new possibilities for merging your Google profile with your search efforts using Google!  In addition to the YouTube video above from the official Google YouTube Channel, you can read more about Google Social Search at the official Google blog.

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Diigo Users: Try The New Diigo + Google Search Tool!

Diigo Blog » Tip of the day: new “Diigo + Google” search box via kwout

Harness the power of your two favorite research tools:  Google and Diigo!  There is now a new search feature that allows you to use your Diigo search box to get auto suggested keywords from your tags, search history, and “Google Suggest.”  Here is a sample search I did:

You may need to enable the search box setting to see these results.  Please visit the post for full directions on making sure the feature is enabled.

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Viewzi, the Visual Search Engine

I discovered several cool tools yesterday at the BIGGER Conference at Georgia Southern University—one of these tools is Viewzi, the visual search engine.  In a nutshell, Viewzi searches a wide range of content, including websites, videos, mp3 files , images, news sites, and Google Books; it can generate tag clouds related to your search and allow you to search content related to those tags, too!  Here is a visual representation it generated for me for a Google timeline on stem cells:


I think students, especially visually oriented learners, will enjoy this graphic way of searching and exploring results!  I am looking forward to exploring this fun alternative search engine.

You can read more about Viewzi in this Read Write Web article; you may also want to check out this TechCrunch article.  Follow Viewzi on Twitter! for updates and news on Viewzi.

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Catalog 2.0: Destiny Quest Is Here!

We are pleased to announce that a new card catalog search interface, Destiny Quest, is HERE!  The cool new interface will immediately grab your attention, but here are some other great features of this new 2.0 catalog search!

  • See the top 10 books currently circulating in our library!
  • See the latest arrivals in our library!
  • Create your own reading lists with the new drag and drop feature!
  • Check your patron account so you know what you have checked out and when it is due!
  • Easily see if a book you want is available!
  • Easier to read search results and call numbers!
  • Narrow your search results with ease by author, subject, series, and more!
  • Use the new scrolling carousel to easily browse your search results.
  • Get reading suggestions (“If you like “Book X”, then you might like…”)
  • Post book reviews.
  • Add your own holds to books you want!

For more help and information, go to or see Mrs. Hamilton or Mrs. Fleet for help! 

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