What Is The Unquiet Library?



6 thoughts on “What Is The Unquiet Library?

  1. Your blog is outstanding!

    Abraham Lincoln is on the Erie County, Ohio ballot in this blog entry from the
    Archives of the Sandusky Library:


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  3. Lisa

    Hello Buffy,

    I am a library media assistant student and have chosen to write a research paper on the pros and cons of blog technology. I am especially interested in how this Web 2.0 technology is used and maintained in high school libraries. While doing a search for high school library blogs I came across your site and I am overwhelmed by the amount of information available. When and how do you have the time to devote to such an amazing library blog? Do you manage the site by yourself or with the help of students? As part of my research I will follow the Unquiet Library Blog for a few weeks to get a feel for how things are updated and maintained. To think, just yesterday I thought all blogs were boring. Ha! Thank you for opening my eyes!

    Three very loud cheers for you!


  4. Anna Desmond

    Do you have break-out areas or ‘quiet rooms’ as it were? I mean spaces, with glass walls and doors, where students can go to do work (even group-work) whilst others make a hell of a noise in the main area?

  5. Your weblog is outstanding!

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